RISE: The Keys to Success in Divorce for Moms of Children with Special Needs

Transform from being overwhelmed by the complexities of special needs divorce to successfully and confidently advocating for your disabled child's needs, security, and well-being, so your entire family can thrive.
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About This Product:

Divorce is hard, but divorce involving a child with a disability is even harder. Do you wish you had strategies and insights to help you overcome the overwhelm and navigate the complexities of a special needs divorce, to feel confident you are doing all you can to advocate for your family?  
This course is for you if you are:
* the mother of a child with a disability and facing divorce
* overwhelmed with everything you have to do and consider, to make sure all your child's needs are met, during and after divorce
* wondering how to best communicate with everyone involved in your divorce, so you can best advocate for yourself and your child with an intellectual, developmental, or other disability
* interested in saving time, money, and emotional energy in your divorce by learning from someone who went through the process and came out the other side with a great result and learnings to share.

Created by a mom of two boys on the autism spectrum who
- unexpectedly faced divorce after 21 years of marriage,
- overcame all the challenges put in front of her,
- stood up for what was right for her and her kids,
- figured out how to navigate the complexities of special needs divorce, and
- didn't give up until she ended up with an excellent result for her family.   
I'm Mary Ann Hughes, founder of Special Family Transitions.  I have made it my mission to help other special needs moms confidently get through divorce and work towards the best possible outcome for their family, so they don't have to go through the overwhelm, confusion, stress, and expense in their divorce, that I experienced when trying to figure things out on my own.  Let my experience be your guide, to save you time, money, and effort.

In addition to my personal experiences, I've become a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Transition & Recovery Coach, and Certified Divorce Specialist, to better help mothers of children with disabilities navigate divorce challenges.

In my first course, I am excited to share with you the RISE Method to a Successful Special Needs Divorce, where I explain each of these keys so you can survive and thrive in your divorce:
R: Recognize, Remember & Resolve
I: Identify & Investigate
S: Self-Care, Support, Secure Your Team & Special Needs Considerations
E: Express, Execute & Embrace
I'm so honored to support fellow special needs moms by providing insights to save you time, stress, and money in your divorce.  Wouldn't you rather spend your precious resources and energy on your kids, instead of investing large amounts of money, hours and effort trying to figure things out on your own? I spent years and MANY thousands of dollars struggling to figure out how to best protect and advocate for my kids in my divorce.

This course was designed to be easy and quick for a busy mom to go through, to get a jump start on the path to a great result in a special needs divorce. Each session consists of a short video, with an accompanying resource for your reference and action.  I have condensed my years of experience and hard-learned lessons into videos totaling less than 1 hour, so you can quickly and easily learn from my journey, without the struggles and expense I had to go through to figure things out.

I'd love for you to become empowered like Kim, one of the many special needs moms I have helped, who shares: “I needed help to make sure my daughter with special needs would be taken care of financially.  Reaching out to Mary Ann was truly the best decision.  Mary Ann was very approachable, calming, and understanding of my feelings and needs.  She, herself, understood where I was coming from and where I needed to focus.  She discussed many different scenarios, some I may never have thought of myself, and made recommendations of where to start.  Soon she referred me to an incredible attorney, a behavioral psychologist, and a financial planner and has continued to be there to answer any questions or concerns I have, all while using a calming approach that made me feel like 'I am in control now and finally have someone there on my side that understands my feelings.' I now encourage other special needs parents to reach out to Mary Ann when they seek advice for a divorce involving a special needs child or adult.  There is so much to know and learn.  Often, there is little free time to do the research ourselves as a parent whose main focus is caring for a special needs child/adult.  I am grateful that Mary Ann has chosen a path to be the one to guide others on this journey.”
I'm so confident this course will help you in your divorce journey that I am offering a 30-day money back guarantee if you don't find the information helpful.  At a fraction of the cost of a coaching session or consultation with a divorce professional, this course highlighting my greatest lessons is a tremendous value and will provide invaluable information to set you on a positive path in your divorce.

If you have any questions or would like more assistance in your divorce, please reach out at - I'm here for you!

Stay Strong!
Mary Ann Hughes
Founder of Special Family Transitions, Certified Divorce Coach & Special Needs Mom who has walked in your shoes and came out the other side!

*The contents in this course are not legal advice.  Every situation is different, so please consult with a lawyer in your state for specifics in your divorce.

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Divorce Journey and Mission
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RISE Introduction
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Introduction to R in RISE
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Introduction to I in RISE
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Introduction to S in RISE
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Self Care
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Secure Team
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Special Needs Considerations
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Introduction to E in RISE
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Next Steps on your Journey
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Vanessa Philpott
Mar 21, 2023
I give this 5 stars. 1st star This program was extremely insightful and helped me think of things I would not have otherwise such as the Third Party Trust. I do worry about my son as he gets older so that was nice to hear there is something out there for his future. 2nd star For simplicity. This was easy to understand and very organized. I appreciate how it was recorded, translated into words underneath the video and extremely easy to navigate and broken down into short mini videos. 3rd star Short and sweet. This Program is very short but packed full of ideas to get you started on things you can begin to do now. 4th star Value. This program is inexpensive and worth it to have someone with first hand experience give insight on things from a divorce/custody standpoint. 5th star Community. Although I am from California I still feel like I was able to take most of what was presented and make it work in my case. It is nice to know your not alone. Thank you Mary Ann Hughes!
Nilufar Rakhmanova
Jul 14, 2023
Divorce is a hard life changing journey that needs clarity and resources. There is not much guidance available for special needs kids' divorce. I found these with Mary Ann's course. It became my roadmap. Despite the fact that I was getting my divorce in a different state, I found Mary Ann's course and all her tools very applicable. Mary Ann is an exceptional coach too: she gives confidence, clarity and a critical guidance that one needs in this challenging path!
Mary Ann Hughes

I’m Mary Ann Hughes, Special Needs Mom, Certified Divorce Coach and founder of Special Family Transitions, dedicated to helping parents of children with disabilities get the best result for themselves and their children in divorce.
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As a mom of two boys on the autism spectrum who unexpectedly faced divorce after 21 years of marriage, I learned how to navigate the complexities of special needs divorce, allowing me to effectively advocate for my children’s needs and get a great result for my family in my divorce.   
So that others wouldn’t have to spend the time, money, and emotional energy I did when faced with divorce, I formed Special Family Transitions and became a Special Needs Divorce Coach and Consultant.  

I’m on a mission to help mothers gain the confidence, skills and knowledge to successfully overcome the overwhelm and challenges of special needs divorce, to achieve the best possible result for their family.  

My life's journey has led me to this purpose, where I'm able to combine my experiences as a Certified Divorce Coach, Certified Divorce Transition and Recovery Coach, Certified Divorce Specialist, Life Coach, member of National Association of Divorce Professionals and NADP Special Needs Chapter, LoneStar LEND Leadership Education in Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disabilities Fellow, MBA, years of special needs training and advocacy, as well as my personal transformation in my special needs divorce journey.

I’m excited to share my learnings with you!
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